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The main European Public Cloud providers

Yohan Daddou
2 min readApr 7, 2021


Are you looking for a European cloud provider that isn’t AWS, Azure, Google, Digital Ocean and other American competitors?

Here is a list of the main European cloud providers that offer IaaS for your projects.

OVHcloud (France)

OVHcloud is probably one of the most important providers in Europe. Based on OpenStack, its public cloud is one of the most complete but is surprisingly late on some points (for exemple no vrouter yet and security groups do not apply to private IPs on your network). In the over hand you have AI platform, databases on demand, domain registration and bare metal offers.

In terms of pricing OVHcloud is a very competitive solution with datacenter in multiple continents.

Scaleway (France)

Scaleway is an other famous French provider that supports some big compagnies. They offer most of the services needed for cloud computing, including a self-managed Kubernetes cluster and a platform for AI.

Serverless (FaaS) is also in beta, which is for now the only provider offering that feature.

A great feature for iOS/macOS developers is the ability to rent virtual Mac mini M1 instances on demand.

Exoscale (Switzerland)

Exoscale is a 100% european base provider who focuses solely on IaaC to provide a quality service while offering integration with the most common DevOps tools.

Not necessarily relevant to its customers but Exoscale is known to use a lot of Clojure language.

Fuga Cloud (Germany)

Fuga Cloud is another major European provider based on OpenStack. Unlike OVH, their version offers vrouters.
Fuga Cloud instances have very good performance and the services offered are sufficient for most use cases.

Upcloud (Finland)

Upcloud is a provider that focuses on Small and medium-sized enterprises. This does not mean that its service is not up to scratch, quite the contrary. Its servers are among the most efficient on the market.

Also, Upcloud provides instances with a 100% SLA!

Unfortunately Upcloud does not offer a self-managed Kubernetes cluster and pricing can be more expensive on some features. For example you have to pay to create a network or a vrouter. At least you have a 3-day trial to make up your mind.

Hetzner (Germany)

Hetzner is a well known German compagny that also offers several services outside their public cloud (DNS, SSL certificates…).
Their public cloud doesn’t have some services on-demand like databases or kubernetes clusters, but the basics are there (including firewalls for your servers that just arrived) and the overall quality is there.

This list is obviously not exhaustive, we could have added Kamatera or Leaseweb but I restricted myself to those that I know and could advise.